Kevin’s Thoughts for the Parents

What this programme cannot do

Improve or change an attitude – sadly, if the student has no desire to embrace the sciences or mathematics, this compilation of video classes cannot address that.

The structured course follows the syllabus throughout the year, as such it is not suitable for those who are highly concerned about their results shortly before mid year or final year exams. In other words, this course cannot save you the time and effort of consistent work throughout the year.

The videos are not a substitute for learning the theory. A lot of marks are allocated to knowing the relevant laws and their units and how to interpret them. This course covers theory extensively to assist with understanding, however the student will still need to memorize laws, etc.

What this programme can do

The tutorials are prepared as 20 – 30 minute sessions in order to retain focus and to give the student time to address one topic at a time, as far as possible. This flexibility allows the student to proceed through the subject in “bite size” sessions, whilst making notes and following the examples.

The sessions explore and explain the theory, and where possible, try to use examples from daily life in order to maintain interest through relevance. Many students lose interest in the subject if they do not understand why they are using it or what relevance it has in their own life.

The course is designed for those students who are serious about improving their understanding and their results. It is possible with the basics that are covered in this course (and a lot of practice) to raise their results by 20% or more. This increase depends on the starting point, and the percentage increase for those students starting at a higher average will be less.

Kevin’s Thoughts for the Students

If you are tired of working hard and practicing and still only achieving 60’s, raise your potential results by understanding how to break down a problem and why the results mean what they do. Short videos to fit into your existing time commitments. Question and Answer videos to handle most asked questions will follow as well.

Learning/teaching Philosophy: Understand the basic “recipes” (set of steps) which apply to a variety of problems and practice using the recipes as much as possible.

Why Kevin’s Classroom

  • Increase your results (“raise your limits”)
  • Save Time (Your Tutor, Your time. Fit in your extra lessons around your extra murals and other commitments)
  • Focus your Efforts (+-20 min sessions that focus on specific learning area – use as revision of classes covered that day or for extra insight)
  • Understand WHY and HOW
  • Fill the gaps between OBE and CAPS
  • Packages can be used to view videos in all learning areas as needed
  • Exam Prep. packages focus on the problems that most often crop up in Exams and how to broach them.

Why Kevin?

If you are looking for a tutor who is able to see and explain the synergy between Maths, Chemistry and Physics, Kevin is one of the few who is able to effectively tutor all three.